Sadaqa Powers

Inshallah in this post, I will share a few incidents/miracles which I feel highlight the Power of Sadaqa(Charity).

Always SMILE because its Sadaqa but note overall, I will zero in on Sadaqa in terms of money/wealth.

Incident #1: $$

I recall tuning in last Ramadan to Al Maghribs’ Live Online Fundraiser for Gaza. I tweeted a bit and one quote in particular that left me dumbfounded is quoted in the image below. It shocked me not because it was impossible but rather, having experience it myself, Alhamdulillah mode was as far as I got, in terms of contemplating the multiplication. And I’m positive anyone that has given Sadaqa preferably sincerely can testify to this.

Screenshot_2014-12-12-01-22-44~2What I think Mohammed Zeyara meant here is not that would be multiplied ten times but rather it would be multiplied however much, if Allah willed.

Once upon time, a sister once confessed to me that her sincere donation was multiplied within the hour, twelve times. Allahu Akbar!! I don’t recall the exact number but it was definitely less than ten dollars, and it was all she possessed at the time. Wallahi some people assume that one must donate a large sum in order for it to be considered ‘donation worthy’. The way I see it, always donate what you can, even if it’s just a dollar. donate it, for somebody, somewhere may donate ninety-nine dollars and because of YOUR one dollar, we all of a sudden have a hundred.

Incident #2 $$$

All the Muslim kids in the neighbourhood carpool to school every morning especially during these chilly times. The meeting point just so happened to be our house one morning, earlier this week. So one of the neighbours’ kids sat on the stairs and told the rest of the kids a story. He went to say, his sisters’ husband(Abu Bakr), saw a brother at the mosque when he went to go pick them up from their Quran lessons. Abu Bakr noticed that this brother was in some sort of distress when he asked for a ride. Abu Bakr replied in the affirmative and asked the brother where he was heading and the brother replied, a halal meat store. Abu Bakr drove the brother to the preferred location and the brother walked into the halal meat store for he was promised free meat by one the butchers, which wasn’t in on that particular day. Abu Bakr saw nothing was going as planned for this brother to the extent that the brother had given up. So he extended his arm and gave him a certain dollar amount to buy the meat because he understood. He understood the brother clearly had a family to feed and he couldn’t possibly go back home empty-handed. His brother-in-law of 10 years testified that his money multiplied fifty times beyond contemplation. Abu Bakr appreciated that there could only be one answer.

Wallahi by giving, you invest not only in your Akhirah but your Dunya too. When you give, Allah purifies your wealth. When you give, Allah puts Barakah(blessings) in it. When you give, Allah multiplies it as he wills, if he wills. And this is a key point because if you expect something in return from Allah, the Shaytan twists it on the off-chance that you don’t when Allah is protecting you from something and you may end up losing faith in Allah because you didn’t get what you want for you do not know better.

Incident #3: An Explanation of How it Happens.

By the will of Allah, yesterday, I noticed a cheque I got in the mail earlier this week for a dental procedure I paid for months ago because my health insurance was expressing a black out. It was a reimbursement that I didn’t request like I should have. Despite being entitled to the payment, I believe this to be the Power of Sadaqa. And THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS. It comes back to you via another avenue for Sadaqa is the best investment. And when it does, you’ll know why by the will of Allah.

Incident #4: The Day Sadaqa Saved Our Lives.

I don’t remember how old I was at the time but my mom narrates this story in full detail. To summaries, growing up financially, we weren’t as stable. It was just my parents and us kids living in a two bedroom house somewhere in the Sunny side of Surrey, British Columbia. One night, a family member ‘back home’ called my mom in distress and requested something along the lines of $200 because of course, we lived in a developed society, hence, we must have the means; a common misconception. He requested $200 which was all we had in hand for the week or something. My mom being the person she is, sent him the $200 and put her trust in Allah. Later that night, my mom was boiling my baby brothers’ bottle and she was so exhausted that she fell asleep that night with the pot on the stove and woke up the next morning (3-4 hours later) and all the water evaporated as if it had done so moments earlier, The pot(very small, enough to boil a baby bottle) was in perfect condition and there was no smoke, nothing set ablaze. Allahu Akbar!! Sadaqa saved our lives that day.

Incident #5: Sadaqa is a Cure.

‘Treat your sick by giving Sadaqah (charity).’ [Collected in Saheeh al-Jamia’ No. 3358 & declared Hasan by Albaani] which is explained in the Video below.

As you can see, our actions in this World dictate our Akhirah as well as our Dunya, so why not Give to Get? Allahu Akbar.

Brothers and Sisters, do you want to kill three birds with one stone? Not literally. Alhamdulillah I trust you all to know what I mean. Do you want to invest in your hereafter and this life and also get the Duaas of the oppressed? Inshallah the links below will prove to be helpful.

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