Farwell until Next Time

June 17, 2018 As you can see the title of my blog is Words of a Ramadan Addict and some of you may not know this but that phrase is quite literal. I coined this title in Ramadan 2013, which I would argue was the best Ramadan of my life. It was my first official… Continue reading Farwell until Next Time


Beautiful People

Today one of my coworkers, a non-muslim made the following comment, insert my name here you're cute as a button and you should know that and the guy that gets you should too and he should treat you well." This comment had me thinking. I posted the comment on snapchat and I got quite a… Continue reading Beautiful People


22/11/2017; A Death Within A Community – Sheikh Osman Barre

On November 22nd, my 1st Quran teacher, Sheikh Osman Barre, returned to our creator; "We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return." I didn't know him but I find myself deeply saddened and grieving our communities loss as if it was my own.  For the past few days, every corner I turned, I was greeted with an insight of… Continue reading 22/11/2017; A Death Within A Community – Sheikh Osman Barre