Quranic Filter

Subhanallah. Is there a greater feeling than this?

Upon quitting music, I found the best substitute was the recitation of the Quran. Soon later, I became a recitation addict. I started off adoring Abu Bakr As Shatri’s recitation only to hear Saud al Shuraim and discover Ahmed al Ajmi and Abdullah Matrood only to never forget Abdullah Ali Jabir among other reciters like Brother Musa Zamuri who is a former Guantanamo detainee who occasionally recited an opening for CageUK or brother Abdul-Hamid Al-Maghribi, a fallen Palestinian. And I’m current head over heels in love with Sheikh Okasha’s Kameny recitation despite how limited it is on YouTube. And these are just some of the reciters’ recitations that have soothed and continues to soothe my heart.

May Allah protect and preserve them and their families

On another note, sometimes I feel hollow like a vessel; naturally, I plug my earphones in, and I feel as if my heart is cleansed with such beautiful recitation and that all negative energy/tension consumed within escapes my body. To me, Quran is soul food. And when I read it myself, the Quran has a different effect, it cools my eyes. I don’t know if it’s just me or if I’m weird, I’ve noticed when I read the Quran I feel a layer of refreshing cold air forms over my eye??

All in all, Quran is my filter. How about you?

7 thoughts on “Quranic Filter”

  1. You are lucky
    Sometimes when I feel sad I listen to songs
    I know this is wrong
    But I want to listen to Qoran like you
    I listen to Qoran at many times
    But when I am sad I do not know what happen to me

      1. Upps, i just realised that i spelled the word before wrong. Sorry about that :-)
        I´m 13 years in Islam now, alhamdulilah. Everybodys Iman is always up and down. Important is just to not give up and always ask allah for forgiveness ans guidance.
        May allah gives all of us a place in jannah. amin

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