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They’re moving AGAIN?

Tonight is the last night I spend with my family before they move on; Move on to a new province to turn a new leaf. This is the life a TCK. Every destination is a temporary home. As my family drove off into the sunrise, the strangest feeling overcame me. For the second or third… Continue reading They’re moving AGAIN?

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Rest in Jannah Adel AlMasri

Yesterday was a heartbreaking day for me. Yet, I can't begin to imagine what his family might be feeling on their third day without their beloved husband/father? A recap of how I meet these lovely individuals is as follows: 3 months ago. on Eid day, I was able to attend the earliest Eid prayer, hence… Continue reading Rest in Jannah Adel AlMasri

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رسالة إلى عمر: A Letter to Omar

Dear Omar, To start with, I hope you are in good health and the best of Imaan. In reality, there are so many versions of what I am about to write, and for the most part, they all revolve around the fact that you Omar, remind me of a dear friend of mine. Years ago,… Continue reading رسالة إلى عمر: A Letter to Omar