Ramadan, Reflection

Post Ramadan 1437 Reflection

Hello everyone; I am back. I know I haven't posted in a while. Surprisingly, last year, I planned to at least post once a month. I remember googling 'how to advance my blogging career' and one of the tips was to 'Be Consistent' and a mere suggestion to support that was to always have backup… Continue reading Post Ramadan 1437 Reflection

Ramadan, Reflection

A 2013 Memory

Like pain, Imaan is measurable. I would have to say, as a Muslimah, the year I came back to Allah was filled, and the Ramadan that followed was by far the most fruitful. An event that really stood out was the unleashing or awakening of my desire to help mine and your Ummah. I came across… Continue reading A 2013 Memory

Palestine, Quran, Ramadan

الشهيد عبد الحميد المغربي

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o_68Guc_5wA Subhanallah, this is beautiful on so many levels. Firstly, this man, given the opportunity to depart Gaza, rejected it. Why? Because and I quote, "I want to be an Imam of our Masjids, this year in Gaza." Allahu Akbar!! Secondly, he returned to our Creator, in the best state(Fasting) during the best Month. May… Continue reading الشهيد عبد الحميد المغربي

Naseeha, Ramadan

Explore Ramadan outside Ramadan.

Ramadan is not just a set of days with an expiry date. Lets not leave Ramadan in Ramadan. As we enter upon the month of Shawaal, let us not leave off the many acts of worship we performed during the blessed month of Ramadan. Ramadan, for most of us, was a time of renewal and… Continue reading Explore Ramadan outside Ramadan.