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What I See in His Eyes

I recently came across this video on my Facebook News Feed with the following caption: “Subhan’Allah such beautiful recitation. He was only 23 when captured – alhamdulillah since, has been cleared. May Allah protect him and others alike. He is reciting Surah Al-Ankaboot, read the translation; fits him and our brothers in Guantanamo so perfectly. May Allah keep them steadfast.”

This recitation stunned me like no other. In my defense, I’ve listened to quite a few recitations in my lifetime and very few have had this much of an impact on me.

What makes him any different? How does he stand out? Aside from his Mashallah recitation, I can almost say that I see the agony in his eyes, and I can also see the hope. I can almost hear the pain in his voice, and I can also hear the gratitude in his voice and the longing toward our Creator. I see Wisdom. I see History. I see Strength.

Ya Ummati, I apologize for I have forgotten our unjustly detained brothers and sisters. I apologize for they haven’t been in my daily duaas, in our duaas. Freedom is luxury they can’t afford at the hands of their oppressors.

Those of us, who are free, spend so much time fixated on our material life and ‘what could have been’ without regards to appreciating that which we have. While, these beautiful Human Beings watch every day pass by without basic rights and strategic punishment beyond our comprehension, fully knowing that we, their brothers and sisters have forgotten them.

My heart shatters for them. We all have faith in Allah. But it is they who go through the unimaginable, the unbearable and still long the meeting with their lord and we, well don’t. When calamities befall us, we worry, we feel ‘depressed’ while they don’t have the luxury. The justice system has stolen from them and their families. The justice system has held them captive for no probable cause. The justice system has betrayed them. And Alhamdulillah is the only commitment for a durable tomorrow. Alhamdulillah Allah has tested them for he tests those whom he loves. Alhamdulillah he chooses them because there is wisdom in Allah’s test. They were tested because they could handle it for Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond that it can bear. And we weren’t because we couldn’t. I pray their worldly test is one of the reasons in which they obtain a blissful Akhirah.

May they attain Allah’s love. May Allah grant them the highest level of Jannah, they truly desire. May Allah elevate their status. May Allah grant them and their families beautiful patience. May Allah keep them forever steadfast in his religion. May Allah aid them and not aid against them. May Allah put love for our brothers and sisters in our hearts. May Allah use us to assist with their freedom. May Allah use us to fight for their rights.

Above All, may we carry them in our hearts and keep them in our sincere duaas. For, no doubt, they’ve made Dua for us. These are beautiful men and women who have hearts of gold. They spend their days on enemy territory subjected to all sorts of heinous crimes and still worship their Lord and their faith in him and his decree only grows stronger. So why wouldn’t they make Dua for us? We have forgotten them but I’m certain they haven’t forgotten us. If I was going through something remotely comparable, I would never wish it upon anyone else. So you tell me what would stop them from making Dua for us? This is one of the many beauties of Islam. May Allah accept them.

An amazing organization that has been campaigning against the War on Terror for more than a decade is Cage formerly known as Cage Prisoner. Its work has focussed on working with survivors of abuse and mistreatment across the globe. They essentially do that which, we cannot. So the least we can do is press donate. I humbly request anyone reading this to donate now via I Give Online to this wonderful cause. CAGE IS BANKING ON US.”Trading on fears and insecurities will not work; justice is our currency.” The more they are targeted(they’ve had accounts closed or assets frozen), the stronger they become. This is how you know you’re fighting THE GOOD FIGHT. May Allah keep us sincere. May Allah aid us and not aid against us. Allahuma Ameen.

I will end this with a classical hadith, “LOVE FOR YOUR BROTHER WHAT YOU LOVE FOR YOURSELF.”

I think we all know where this is going. :) I love you all for the sake of Allah.

Jazakumallah for reading.

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