My TCK-ness

This post was initially titled, where am I from? But I felt My TCK-ness would better suit it. By now, if you don’t already know, you must be thinking what’s a TCK? So...   By the will of Allah, I have never been to my motherland. I grew up in four Provinces across Canada, so… Continue reading My TCK-ness


Credit Card Do’s and Dont’s; The Canadian Muslim Edition

I have composed the following article based on my minimal experience of a year and so of having a credit card with RBC in the hope that you will learn from my mistakes. Please note: there may be more Riba accumulation examples out there. With regards to the Credit Cards Do’s, all I can say is… Continue reading Credit Card Do’s and Dont’s; The Canadian Muslim Edition

Edmonton, Random, Reflection


Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahu Akbar. Alhamdulillah because of Islam, I am either your sister in Islam or in humanity. Subhanallah, many people simply do not have the capacity to contemplate this reality. A few days ago, at work, a new temporary worker from Lebanon walked in and me being the very understanding person I am, I understood if it's your first time… Continue reading Ignorance