Sadaqa Powers

Inshallah in this post, I will share a few incidents/miracles which I feel highlight the Power of Sadaqa(Charity). Always SMILE because its Sadaqa but note overall, I will zero in on Sadaqa in terms of money/wealth. Incident #1: $$ I recall tuning in last Ramadan to Al Maghribs' Live Online Fundraiser for Gaza. I tweeted… Continue reading Sadaqa Powers

Palestine, Reflection

Palestine Will Never Die.

We've all seen the pictures; we've all watched the videos. There is no denying that we are witnesses to these heinous crimes against humanity. Subhanallah, when a people before us were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said, “When is the help of… Continue reading Palestine Will Never Die.


A One Ummah Struggle

For those updated, it’s no secret that I fundraised for an Aid for Syria Convoy. And what a marvelous struggle it was. Imagine accomplishing something your entire world said you wouldn’t and couldn’t, in fear of temporary imprisonment. Imagine being solely driven by mere emotions. The story goes, in a world of no connections one… Continue reading A One Ummah Struggle


One Ummah Mission

Today we’ve reached a state that unless Bosnia is being attacked, the Muslims of Bosnia won’t care; unless India and Pakistan is being attacked, the Muslims of India and Pakistan won’t care; unless Somalia is being attacked, the Muslims of Somalia will never care; unless Iran is being attacked, the Muslims of Iran won’t care;… Continue reading One Ummah Mission