Qadr Allah

Yesterday on my way to work, we were exhibiting temperature below -19 C. 6 minutes after departing the place I call home, I finally arrived at the bus stop, only to discover my bus would be arriving in 7 more minutes.
Suddenly, a bus driver whose bus happened to be Out of Service decides to stop and give me a ride because I was growing red, not to mention I was covered in flakes of snow. My entire body was aching numb with coldness. Hence, I hopped right in, only to discover I was in the bus alone with him.
Alhamdulillah, this kindhearted man decided to stop and give me a ride. He asked, where I was heading, a two bus ride away only to drop me off at my final destination. He asked me questions about Islam, more specifically about Prayers in Islam and Mosques and if any where in the proximity.
His tone of voice didn’t suggest he had misleading intentions, it didn’t suggest he was merely curious, Allah know best, but I think his tone suggested he was wary about his Christian faith.
At work, yesterday, I sat there alone, so I decided then and there that i hadn’t taken full advantage of my Quran Android app, so I began reading and suddenly, I started randomly reminiscing about the above occurrence. I was consumed by thoughts like ‘maybe if i said this or that, he would take one more step towards Islam’. Subhanallah I found myself tackled with so many emotions and naturally this led me to making endless duaas, so that he maybe guided to Islam; to the straight path.
Whatever happens next is clearly Qadr Allah.
Subhanallah May Allah use us to serve for his Deen. May Allah use me to bring others to Islam. May Allah guide the unguided. May Allah continue to guide the guided.


Inshallah I will make an amazing da3eeah!!


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