Dawah, Reflection, Stranger


I am a "Words I Never Said" orientated type of person. And in all honesty, I think that best explains some of the recent postings on this blog. And I wonder, will the words I never said reach these intended for individuals; and do I want the words I never said to reach them? ...… Continue reading VENT OVER

Dawah, Edmonton, Stranger

The Stranger

By the will of Allah, I was able to attend my third Al Maghrib Seminar today. And I say "was able" because I am still alive and breathing. And I say "alive and breathing" due to the high volume of deaths this week alone in the City of Edmonton. So before I slumber tonight and… Continue reading The Stranger


My 103year Old Neighbor.

2 years ago, I saw her. A few days ago, I acknowledged her. Immediately was I deeply saddened. At such an age, her children have abandoned her. A one room shabby house may or may not have been bought and a maid was hired. Full stop?   The distance from my house to the main… Continue reading My 103year Old Neighbor.