One Ummah Mission

Today we’ve reached a state that unless Bosnia is being attacked, the Muslims of Bosnia won’t care; unless India and Pakistan is being attacked, the Muslims of India and Pakistan won’t care; unless Somalia is being attacked, the Muslims of Somalia will never care; unless Iran is being attacked, the Muslims of Iran won’t care; unless Iraq is being attacked the Muslims of Iraq won’t care.
This is something that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam warned us of; He told us, “a day will come that a person will call on his Muslim brother; Just as a hungry man holds up his bowl and begs people for food”. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam said, “a day will come where nations will call upon one another like that but no one will be there to help them”.
People will cry and children will be murdered, women will be raped, and you and I will still be arguing over and crying over some small little issue, some small difficulty that hit us in our lives, while there are people across the world who are crying because their children are being murdered.
The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam told us, that one day my nation will be so degraded, that we won’t have the decency to stand up for another Muslim. Believers are like one solid firm structure, one portion of the structure reinforces the other portion of the structure. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam said the believers are like one body if the eye hurts the whole body hurts. It’s impossible for the rest of the body to be peaceful while the eye is hurting. And if the head is hurting, the entire body is pain. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam taught us this lesson, and what we learn from the life of the Prophet is to feel the pain of other people, to know what it feels like when someone else is going through something. It is a right upon a believer that when one is sick another should go and visit him. Why is that? Because a believer feels the pain for another person. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam taught us the way to attract the mercy of Allah and this is by helping a Muslim who is in need because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam wanted is to feel one another’s pain. So we the Muslim Ummah, whatever colour, nationality or gender, wherever we are. If we hear that any part of this Ummah is being oppressed, then we should feel this pain. Our oppressed brothers and sisters are crying out for help only to find that the Muslims of the 21st century are asleep and there is no one to help them. We need to put worldly matters and materialistic pursuits aside and WAKE and RISE for those who cannot rise; for the people of Sham, for the people of Syria, for the people of Palestine and etc.
The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam was training his Ummah to be ONE FAMILY; when you stand in line for your Salah, we want you to stand in line like one Ummah. When you go out for your hajj we want you to be one nation. So when they suffer, let them not suffer alone.

So ask yourself, has history seen a ruler, who is so ruthless that he would take proper state of the art, army jets and bomb down on innocent children? Has history seen a person who would take a young baby and injure that body and mutilate that body and send that body back to its parents by saying that ‘if you do anything and if any other children grow up to fight against the regime this is what is going to happen to your children. Today we have a nation, a leader who claims to be a believer, yet does the above and he makes people prostrate and bow down in front of him. This is the reality.
If we don’t care for others and we are so concerned regarding ourselves, then we haven’t understood the essence of this deen. Brothers and sisters in Islam, as you can see, it is our duty to help our fellow Muslims when it is they who are wounded, when it is they who are in need, when it is they who are oppressed. We should love for them what we love for ourselves, blissful peace and harmony.
I see Al Fatiha Global fit to helping our brother and sister in this calamity Allah has chosen for them. Al Fatiha Global, a London based charity has successfully delivered aid convoy to Syria 5 times Alhamdulillah. And their goals are fisibilliahfor the sake of Allah, May Allah accept their efforts and emit and the participants to this cause into the highest level of Jannah.
They collect everything from clothes to baby formula. And with donated funds raised in the UK and abroad, they buy much needed supplies and items, from ambulances to sleeping bags and medical supplies and medicine to food and children books to toys and so on. Upon doing so, they pack up the ambulances and drive off to Syria again for the sake of Allah, in hope of aiding our brothers and sisters and seeking reward for doing so for they love for the Ummah, the Syrian people what they love for themselves. Upon arrival, they distribute many supplies. They distribute food and money amongst displaced families and widows; distribute medicine and medical supplies amongst clinics and hospitals. They also build wells to make available to Syrians clean drinking water and recently they opened madressaIslamic school to help utilize the youths time. Their plans for Syria are overwhelmingly heartwarming. They are restoring hope in the Syrians people’s eyes reminding them that, Muhammad’s sallallahu alayhi wasalam Ummah did not forget them.
Al Fatiha Global is calling for financially aid. Winter in Syria is harsher than we can possibly imagine, yet many are homeless. Every person should forget their race, forget their color, forget your tongue, and forget your family. We should think every mother who dies, is our mother; every child who dies, is our child; every sister that is raped, is your sister because this nation is one nation. So please, whoever you are, wherever you are, please donate generously to the upcoming winter convoy at https://­­fundraisers/­winterconvoy and if you yourself cannot don’t let that stop you in sharing in the reward. Convey this message to someone who can. Bear in mind that being a donor to this wonderful cause is the least we can do for Allah knows donating funds is the simplest part.

I myself am fundraising to help this noble cause. Can you think of a better way to start this young Islamic year of 1435, dear brothers and sisters? Please keep me in your duaa’s.

May Allah keep our intentions sincere. May we keep Syria and Syrians in our daily duaas until Syria is no longer facing oppression.

May Allah make us amongst those who help the Ummah only for the sake of Allah and May Allah use us to serve for his Deen especially in these critical times when the suffering has become unbearable.

May Allah save us from being amongst those who sit on the fence feeling hopeless or those who do help but for praise and recognition.

May Allah grant the people of Syria, patience. With this calamity, May Allah pave them to the straight path. May Allah help them prevail in their worldly test.

Allahuma Amin.

Charity Detail

Al Fatiha Global
One Nation
Charity Number: 1056562

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1 thought on “One Ummah Mission”

  1. You’re absolutely right! There is many many charities that helped Syria since the war started out and I remember donating a little of my own money.

    I would like to add something after this part:

    ” women will be raped, and you and I will still be arguing over and crying over some small little issue, some small difficulty that hit us in our lives, while there are people across the world who are crying because their children are being murdered. ”

    ” … Also, Prophet Muhammed (Alayh el salat wassalam) said: Nations will fall apart on you like an Aklah fall apart on it’s Kasaa’. A sahabe said: “are we that few ya rasoul allah ? “. Propher Muhammed replied: “No, you will be like a flood but your enemys will not fear you and weakness will be put in your heart. They said: Ya Rasoul Allah, What is weakness ?. He said: Loving Your Dunyaa and fearing to die. ”

    May allah accept their efforts and anyone who help/helped them. Amen.

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