My 103year Old Neighbor.

2 years ago, I saw her. A few days ago, I acknowledged her. Immediately was I deeply saddened.

At such an age, her children have abandoned her. A one room shabby house may or may not have been bought and a maid was hired. Full stop?



The distance from my house to the main road is approx. 6-7minutes. The distance from my house to her house is approx. 3minutes. Often when I pass by her house, I take it upon myself to make the most out of those few seconds. I’ve watched her crawl in and out of her house; I’ve watched her eat precooked meals with a spoon normally; I’ve watched this women crawl till she finds her everyday spot, only to sit in the sun all day long in dusty rags; I’ve watched her watched In rain sitting on petite porch; I’ve watched her stare at me in confusion as I wonder what may be her thoughts.

As a Muslim, I am sad she is not guided yet, but simultaneously hopeful. I assume she is mentally well or so it seems that way. I know not of her thoughts. But mine are loud and clear: She’s still alive. She has time. I wish someone would introduce Islam into her life. I wish she would accept it with open arms and implement its way of life given her circumstances. And spend the rest of her life happy.

The catch is, in my eyes, it’s not only her, its everyone, I know not to be a practicing Muslim. Whoever you are, reading this now, I urge you to look into Islam with an open mind. Whoever you are, reading this now, I promise your mind will be blown away. Believe me, I wouldn’t be suggesting this if I didn’t know Islam has proven to be countessly flawless. So ask questions, and you shall be answered by God himself, the answer lies within his words; the Quran is the key.

May Allah guide the unguided. And May Allah continue to guide the guided to the one and only straight path. Whoever you are, reading this now, you are in my prayers. May Allah make us of the dwellers of paradise.

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