Dawah, Edmonton

I’m crying but I’m happy!! #GLOBALDAWAHDAY

Brotherhood in Islam is undeniable sweet and Allah blessed this beautifully kindhearted man with it. Allahu Akbar!! My heart melts. Clearly, I’m overwhelmed. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this. This is a pure love, the One Ummah type of love. The unforgettable love. Allah Akbar.

Life is an overall struggle. I know and appreciate what it takes to get right back up stronger and better. It takes a lot, to get from who you were to who you are now to who you want to be tomorrow. Allah Akbar. Believe me when I say, the sweetness Allah fills your heart with is suffient enough for you to never want to depart his command, you slowly find yourself rotating your life just to abide by it. Before you know it, Allah’s command will be your drug. You will never find anything more profound, more piercing, infinitely sweet than full submission to your creator. This is how it feels like to be steadfast. This is what I see in this man’s eyes. May Allah shower us all with taqwa.

Subhanallah! I pray. I pray Allah grants this man Jannah. Him. His family. His loved one. I pray Allah eases all his worldly affairs.

Subhanallah!! I pray for a day brotherhood showers our blessed Ummah. I pray for a nation who is fluent in Assalamu Alaykum. I pray for a world, in which fellow Muslims invest in each others hereafters, an ummah that makes dua for one another, an ummah that secretly give sadaqa for one another, dead or alive, solely for the purpose of desire to reunite in Jannah. Allah Akbar.

May Allah make us amongst his best slaves.

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