Dawah, Naseeha, Reflection


18 was a good year for me. It was the year, I turned back to Allah. I feel like it is the year, my parents duaas became a reality. After years in the shaytan's trap, suddenly my heart wasn't inclined to sin, but rather the opposite. Soon, I realized the best rush was and is The Iman… Continue reading Eighteen


Tahajjud Every Night!!

For those of you who do not know: Tahajjud is a lengthy prayer preformed in the last third of the night. In Ramadan, we Muslims tend to pray in congregation in search of the night of power which is found in the last ten days of this blessed month. This all started 4days ago, when… Continue reading Tahajjud Every Night!!


Ramadan Checklist

This Ramadan I will attempt and inshallah succeed in ALL the following. And inshallah when this beautiful month comes to an end I will try to justly hold myself accountable.          Pray all prayers on time          Pray all voluntary prayers          Read remembrance Azkars after… Continue reading Ramadan Checklist