My 103year Old Neighbor.

2 years ago, I saw her. A few days ago, I acknowledged her. Immediately was I deeply saddened. At such an age, her children have abandoned her. A one room shabby house may or may not have been bought and a maid was hired. Full stop?   The distance from my house to the main… Continue reading My 103year Old Neighbor.


Why Must We Speak Ill of The Dead?

:Even at death, we give them no peace? My heart aches for people continue to engage in speech about the dead ill-manneredly. He had sihr(magic/sorcery/witchcraft) in his voicehence very addictive speaker they say; he was a terrorist they say; he recruited those who listened to his way they say; he had relations with prostitutes they… Continue reading Why Must We Speak Ill of The Dead?


A Struggle: A Dream of Going Unnoticed

I want go unseen to the general public for reasons which i cant quite place my finger on. It hurts me when religious beings go out of their way to avoid me, for i am a burden. It hurts me when they cant because I am having unavoidable transactions with them. Why must I be… Continue reading A Struggle: A Dream of Going Unnoticed