Ramadan, Reflection

Eid Day: Enjoying Good and Forbidding Evil.

Human mentality puzzles me. How can we expect to be rewarded without knowing the beauty that lies behind our many acts of worship? How do we expect to be rewarded when our sole intent is to exit the month of Ramadan to resume sinning? This apparent ignorance is disastrous. In this time of day, ignorance… Continue reading Eid Day: Enjoying Good and Forbidding Evil.


Tahajjud Every Night!!

For those of you who do not know: Tahajjud is a lengthy prayer preformed in the last third of the night. In Ramadan, we Muslims tend to pray in congregation in search of the night of power which is found in the last ten days of this blessed month. This all started 4days ago, when… Continue reading Tahajjud Every Night!!


Acquired and Applied Fiqh

Months down the road, I started attending Tajweed classes to perfect my recitation of the Quran. It should be noted that this is a subject of its own for not every average Arabic reader is capable of such. I learnt a lot and yet I still have a long way to go. Anyways, that’s beside… Continue reading Acquired and Applied Fiqh