Tahajjud Every Night!!

For those of you who do not know: Tahajjud is a lengthy prayer preformed in the last third of the night. In Ramadan, we Muslims tend to pray in congregation in search of the night of power which is found in the last ten days of this blessed month. This all started 4days ago, when… Continue reading Tahajjud Every Night!!


Why Must We Speak Ill of The Dead?

:Even at death, we give them no peace? My heart aches for people continue to engage in speech about the dead ill-manneredly. He had sihr(magic/sorcery/witchcraft) in his voicehence very addictive speaker they say; he was a terrorist they say; he recruited those who listened to his way they say; he had relations with prostitutes they… Continue reading Why Must We Speak Ill of The Dead?