Egypt, Stranger

A Voiceless Voice

With all that is that is going on right now, I can’t help but worry. Worry about what? Most of the friends I've made have either left the country or I never kept contact with.  Thanks to Facebook, I at least know some beings are still alive and kicking. :) Now back to me over-worrying;… Continue reading A Voiceless Voice


Acquired and Applied Fiqh

Months down the road, I started attending Tajweed classes to perfect my recitation of the Quran. It should be noted that this is a subject of its own for not every average Arabic reader is capable of such. I learnt a lot and yet I still have a long way to go. Anyways, that’s beside… Continue reading Acquired and Applied Fiqh


Why Must We Speak Ill of The Dead?

:Even at death, we give them no peace? My heart aches for people continue to engage in speech about the dead ill-manneredly. He had sihr(magic/sorcery/witchcraft) in his voicehence very addictive speaker they say; he was a terrorist they say; he recruited those who listened to his way they say; he had relations with prostitutes they… Continue reading Why Must We Speak Ill of The Dead?