Dawah, Egypt, Naseeha


Yesterday, I caught myself reminiscing about my 8 months of seeking knowledge in Egypt 2012/13 and my lovely Quran/Tajweed and Arabic teachers. And it hit me. Our teachers that teach Islam related topics don't only 'teach' us but they preach how to live through the teachings that they teach. Allahu Akbar!! Think about it. When… Continue reading أساتذة

Word I Never Said

Your Struggle Runs in My Veins

Her name had I ask, WELCOME TO ISLAM, however late I may be. As I tend to be different, I don’t know how others react but when I see a convert, I am easily overwhelmed with love for them for the sake of Allah. Mainly because I really appreciate the struggle it takes one to… Continue reading Your Struggle Runs in My Veins