My 103year Old Neighbor.

2 years ago, I saw her. A few days ago, I acknowledged her. Immediately was I deeply saddened. At such an age, her children have abandoned her. A one room shabby house may or may not have been bought and a maid was hired. Full stop?   The distance from my house to the main… Continue reading My 103year Old Neighbor.


A Blast From The Past

I wasn’t always like this. Well, in all honestly it depends what like this was. In this case Imanfaith wise. I, like every other practicing Muslim, have had my share of high and lows. Realistically, it was all downward for me until I hit a peak only to crumble and till this very day I… Continue reading A Blast From The Past


Sunday Edition: They Play Their Music&I Play My Quran

Uganda. My home. I love you but sometimes… So I live right next to a confused church which also happens to be a primary school for locals by day and church by night and weekends . I am yet to exhibit a perk if not perks of living next door to such. No disrespects intended.… Continue reading Sunday Edition: They Play Their Music&I Play My Quran