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Rest in Jannah Mustafa Mattan

Like the Chapel Hill Shooting victims, I didn't know him. Like Deah, he was my┬ábrother, our brother, to many in Islam and to others in humanity. Regardless, these four winners had great legacies that people like you and I dream of. Subhanallah, I feel a different type of pain when it comes to Mustafa Mattan.… Continue reading Rest in Jannah Mustafa Mattan

Dawah, Edmonton, Stranger

The Stranger

By the will of Allah, I was able to attend my third Al Maghrib Seminar today. And I say "was able" because I am still alive and breathing. And I say "alive and breathing" due to the high volume of deaths this week alone in the City of Edmonton. So before I slumber tonight and… Continue reading The Stranger

Dawah, Edmonton

I’m crying but I’m happy!! #GLOBALDAWAHDAY

Brotherhood in Islam is undeniable sweet and Allah blessed this beautifully kindhearted man with it. Allahu Akbar!! My heart melts. Clearly, I'm overwhelmed. I can't remember the last time I felt like this. This is a pure love, the One Ummah type of love. The unforgettable love. Allah Akbar. Life is an overall struggle. I… Continue reading I’m crying but I’m happy!! #GLOBALDAWAHDAY