Dawah, Edmonton

I’m crying but I’m happy!! #GLOBALDAWAHDAY

Brotherhood in Islam is undeniable sweet and Allah blessed this beautifully kindhearted man with it. Allahu Akbar!! My heart melts. Clearly, I'm overwhelmed. I can't remember the last time I felt like this. This is a pure love, the One Ummah type of love. The unforgettable love. Allah Akbar. Life is an overall struggle. I… Continue reading I’m crying but I’m happy!! #GLOBALDAWAHDAY


Qadr Allah

Yesterday on my way to work, we were exhibiting temperature below -19 C. 6 minutes after departing the place I call home, I finally arrived at the bus stop, only to discover my bus would be arriving in 7 more minutes. Suddenly, a bus driver whose bus happened to be Out of Service decides to… Continue reading Qadr Allah


My 103year Old Neighbor.

2 years ago, I saw her. A few days ago, I acknowledged her. Immediately was I deeply saddened. At such an age, her children have abandoned her. A one room shabby house may or may not have been bought and a maid was hired. Full stop?   The distance from my house to the main… Continue reading My 103year Old Neighbor.