Ramadan, Reflection

Post Ramadan 1437 Reflection

Hello everyone; I am back.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. Surprisingly, last year, I planned to at least post once a month. I remember googling ‘how to advance my blogging career’ and one of the tips was to ‘Be Consistent’ and a mere suggestion to support that was to always have backup posts ready to post when you are unable to be consistent.

But by the will of Allah, between life, school, work, and family, I barely had time for myself. And now with the Islamic year of 1437 coming to end, I can’t help but reflect and post, particular about Ramadan. Subhanallah, I remember last Ramadan, as a Ramadan addict, it was by far the most difficult Ramadan. I was working 40 hours a week. I was enrolled in 4 online courses for my third year of an Accounting degree program. So, I basically had to juggle my life. To give you an idea, my day went a little like this: 4:00 Sleep. 7:00 Wake up. 8:00 Head to Work. 9:00 Start Work. 17:00 Finish Work. 18:00 Arrive Home. 18:30 Nap. 20:00 Help Cook Iftar for my big family. 22: something BREAK my FAST. 23:00 Procrastinate. 00:00 Work on assignments and projects. 4:00 Sleep. And don’t worry all my prayers were incorporated into my schedule at their respective times.

Alhamdulillah, looking back, it was definitely was one of the hardest months in my life and I exited it by noting that I survived it. Having done so, I am able to reflect now. What that a perfect use of my Ramadan? Moreso, that I am a self-proclaimed Ramadan Addict, so much so, that I wish every day was Ramadan. I love to fast. Fasting, I believe tames me. So, outside Ramadan, the second I reconsider fasting on a given Monday or Thursday, almost instantly, I know my Iman has changed/decreased or I sinned. As a result, I try my best to pinpoint what changed since I lasted fasted and based on that I repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness to get me back on track.

So, throughout this period(Ramadan), my heart ached for I did not utilize my Ramadan fully knowing it could have very well been my last. I recall thinking, the companions of our beloved Prophet used to make duaa 6 months before Ramadan that Allah enabled them to reach the next Ramadan. And I well prayed in Ramadan that Allah enabled me to make the most out of this Ramadan and allowed me to reach my next Ramadan.

Although I wasn’t able to customize my standard Ramadan Checklist to fit my current Ramadan goals, I did accomplish a lot with my tight schedule. I sought out, read and studied the Tafseer of the first few chapters. My connection with the Quran has definitely strengthened. Below is my reaction to and assessment of Surah Yusuf, upon completion.


Alhamdulillah, I was able to get a few more Surahs in and I was able to reconnect with the Quran and also establish a link between chapters and their surrounding chapters.

Altogether, last Ramadan may not be comparable to my best Ramadan which is Ramadan 2013, only because I fulfilled all the items on my checklist and more. But I now understand that this Ramadan was entirely the worst. Allah enabled me to step up my Ramadan game before the beautiful Month came to an end. And I am grateful for that.

So, without further ado, I ask Allah to enable me, you and our beautiful Ummah to reach next Ramadan in good health and the best of Iman and to make the most out of it.


15 thoughts on “Post Ramadan 1437 Reflection”

  1. Masha Allah
    Surah Yusuf is one of my fav chapters too. Great lessons to be learnt from that chapter. How Allah rewards one for controlling his desires, harming someone will certainly come back to hit you, interpretation of dreams and many more.

  2. ameen!! MashaAllah, lovely and inspiring post. You definitely had a hectic day schedule for Ramadaan, May Allah make it easy for us all to attain the most out of the Blessed Month of Ramadaan, and Guide us to Learning and understanding the Quraan better Ameen.

  3. Aww beautiful post sis it’s really inspiring! SubhanAllah one year we can have an amazing Ramadan and the next can be totally unexpected. May Allah (swt) help us to reach many more Ramadans and help us to get the most out of them no matter how much we have going on. Ameen <3. Also I really love what you said about fasting it inspired me. I love that you fast consistently and if you ever reconsider you repent to Allah (swt). That's a really nice way to keep yourself on track. Jazakallah khair!

  4. I love checklists too, but beyond just ticking them all off sometimes I allow things to flow naturally and see how I can note my progress and still feel positive about it.

    Considering your schedule, you did well Alhamdulullah. Ramadan is self development journey. May we be able to remain on that path even beyond Ramadan.

    BaarakAllah feek for sharing your reflections.

  5. This is one post that touched my heart…..When I was fasting in Ramadan during my college days…I came across a beautiful saying by an Imam…who said…cultivate a good habit every Ramadan and follow it for rest of the year….So every year I make a little change and try to cultivate a habit accordingly….which really helps….thank you for the post…

    1. Thats what I try to do, every Ramadan. I am not sure who shared it with me but its definitely a beautiful piece of advice that we should all hope to accomplish. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Awwww the main thing is that you did your best within your schedule. I’m sure many others (myself included) felt that we could have done more given the significance of Ramadan. But we can just pray that Allah accepts what we have done and allows to reah another Ramadan inshaAllah x

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