Khutbah Junkie

Any guesses what this post is gonna be out? If you guessed something along the line of being obsessed with Friday Khutbah, then you guessed RIGHT. Alhamdullilah.

Subhanallah, I know I talk about my 8 months stay in Misr like it means the world to me only because it does. Towards the last two months of my stay there, my Tajweed teacher applauded my minimal Arabic foundation and suggested I go to the Fiqh class a few doors down. Upon joining, I was welcomed like never before. My teacher, Ustadha Ranya, repeatedly recommended that I didn’t shy away from asking questions if I didn’t understand something. Finally, the class was finally in session.

I remember my first day, we learned about of Fiqh of Friday Prayer. Instantly, I was blown away. To this very day, it is by far my favorite topic. I remember learning it, only to implement it. At the time, I was living with my lovely roommate and eventually a good friend, Fahma and we would sit there and study my Fiqh book as a guide to upcoming Fridays. I looked forward to every Friday to follow the Sunnah strictly even though it didn’t fully apply to me. Without a doubt, It really was a beautiful time of me, Alhamdulillah.

So, the catch is, years down the road, I thought I could make a difference, I thought I could make an impact, I thought I could build an Islamic community of some nature, so with the acknowledgment of others, I took up the role of A Muslim Student President at the Institute that I attend. Subhanallah, as much as I’ve done so little, nobody seems to want the role. So, yet again, the following year, which is the present year, I took it upon myself to commit to what I initially strived for. May Allah keep me sincere. Alhamdulillah, by the will of Allah, one of the things I haven’t worried about is organizing Friday Khutbahs or tracking down potential Khateebs.

Never mind the hustle, why am I saying all of this? I guess, I just wanted to share that I am not easily blown away but on a typical Friday, most of the time, anyways. In my head, the Khateeb does not know me, but the Khutbahs are nearly always, either directed to me or very much applies to me. One Friday, I didn’t want to be of those whose heart dies as a result of excessive laughter; Another day, I craved the firmness of a stranger mentioned in Ahadith; Another day, I wanted to outgrow the warned people of “I Will…”. May Allah grant us that which we desire.

Long story short, I am a Khutbah Junkie.

Please note: By the term “junkie,” I mean: a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something. In this case, Khutbahs/Friday congregations are my drug. :)

15 thoughts on “Khutbah Junkie”

  1. Yes! I’m the same! And listening to a khutbah recording isn’t the same. It has to be in the masjid during jumu’ah :) It makes or breaks the whole week.

  2. Me too!
    I used to love attending khutbas while at university . It was the spiritual boost needed till next Friday . Lol I really thought I was the only one

  3. Ma shaa Allah thanks.. I miss friday khutbas, I can go soo rarely and most of the time I do not understand a word… Except on Eid but then it’s so loud because everybody is talking and I again understand nothing.

    1. Sister with regards to where you live, may I suggest that you can either slowly learn the language or go to a mosque that you know you will understand.

      And with regards to the noise, Subhanallah who knew someone speaking through a Khutbah resembles a donkey. And there are hadith to support this. Inshallah you will find a mosque that suits you while most of the masses remain quite.

  4. Awwww I love the idea of a Jummah Junkie :) It’s sounds so cute and sincere :) Now that I think of it, I realise how growing up, as kids we had this idea of Friday being extra special – so avoid more sins on that day, do more deeds etc. It’s a beautiful thing – because it keeps you going.

    1. It can be hard to attend the khutbah at the mosque with little ones so I haven’t been in a while. You just don’t want to burden poeple with kids shouting and running around, sad but qadarallaah.

    2. Subhanallah, having lived in one, I can testify to that. Friday was the day, I looked forward to, not only because it was the beginning of weekend. :)

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