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My Hajj Dream

Islamically, regarding the 5 pillars of faith, Zakat and Hajj stood out, mainly because there isn’t a fixed obligation attached to it. For instance, for Zakat, if one doesn’t meet the define wealth requirement for one complete lunar year, then it doesn’t apply to them. Hence, you are exempted. Whereas with Hajj, Islam states, ”if you can find a way to it” meaning if one is unable to travel due to financial reasons then it’s ok. There is also an opinion stating that if one feels that the travel is unsafe then, this doesn’t apply to them.

As a result, despite Hajj varying depending on circumstance, I think I’m more inclined towards Hajj as compared to Umrah. But that’s beside the point, I just recalled, a thought. A thought that had crossed my mind years ago.

In Egypt, 2013, I was blossoming into a fraction of who I am today. Some habits that stuck to me were: Saying Assalamu Alaykum or its rewardingly lengthier version, asking people how they are and their families too. One day, I asked this Mashallah Human being: how are you? How is your mom? Dad? Family? And she being the Mashallah human being that she is answered all my questions separately. On that day, she mentioned that her father returned to our creator. As a Muslim, I was naturally inclined to making Dua for our deceased Ummah upon discovering. Simultaneously, I found myself in a state of giving Naseeha. I probably told her about my Hajj dream. I probably recommended that she perform Hajj for him or maybe even someone in her family could or someone could possibly go on his behalf. Wallahi, I can almost remember the shock that overwhelmed her face. She specified that she hadn’t ever contemplated someone going on behalf of her father. She thanked me for the Advice, and we both moved on with our lives, only to meet the next day and exchange greetings.

And that was just the foundation. Now imagine, someone, preferably in Saudi Arabia builds up sincere Muslim clientele who have performed Hajj before and are willing to perform Hajj for A Muslim brother/sister who is no longer with us solely for the sake of Allah. Indeed, with the correct Islamic ruling/requirements and sincere intention accompanied with all hajj expenses paid by the family of the deceased, would be picture perfect. Well, I think. Like my Uncle is traveling for Hajj now, in the hope that he will find a sincere individual willing to perform Hajj on behalf on my late Grandmother, Mariam, May Allah have mercy on her.

Altogether, this was a seed planted in my heart. Inshallah, somebody out there was blessed with this chain of thought before myself. Inshallah somebody out there has implemented our thoughts or is in the process of doing so. Regardless, I wish them success in all their affairs for easing the affairs of those who are no longer with us.

The End

P.s Has anyone heard of anyone who sincerely makes Hajj for others?




8 thoughts on “My Hajj Dream”

  1. I appreciate that you suggested about haj for her late father to your friend. Insha Allah when someone does haj on his behalf you will be rewared too for the dawa/advice. Alhamdhulilah.
    Many of us shy from advicing. We should be open for dawa and fear none but Allah. who knows which of our little deeds would please Allah.

  2. You’re right , Hajj is a tricky pillar of Islam.. You should go when. ‘You’re able’.. But we could be able if we didn’t buy that new car , that big house etc. Sigh… Allhumdullilah Allah made it so easy for us

  3. My husband did hajj on behalf of his late grandmother Alhamdulillah, and speaks very fondly about his experience. Jzk for reminding us of this forgotten Sunnah.

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