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Salat Al-Duha Saved My Life

I don’t have a Facebook memory to remind me of the exact date, but I’m certain at some point in my life Salat Al-Duha saved my life. Allahu Akbar!!

I first prayed Salat Al-Duha prayer somewhere within the 2012/13 year bracket. I was in Egypt alone at the time studying Arabic. And the thing is when one embarks on such a journey everything non-Arabic related comes in third place after Islam and Arabic Language Studies. Given such a lifestyle, one may exhibit Iman highs. To contemplate and comprehend my experience, we must first understand the following:

At the time, I am almost certain that I was sold at point no. 5. And last I checked charity is Sadaqa. And often do we hear, ‘Sadaqa saved my life’ whether it’s a bad occurrence or the presentation of a blessing. My point is, if Sadaqa can, why not Duha Prayer when it literally is Sadaqa on behalf of all joints, right?

So, one day, I figured why not start a new, rewarding habit for the sake of Allah. I prayed Duha Prayer that day and set off walking to the Arabic Learning Institute I attended. Alhamdulillah, everything was swift. I recall finishing my class and embarking on my walk home. Subhanallah. I don’t think I will forget anything about that day. In Nasr City, Cairo, I would say Mustafa Nahas(The image on the left) can be one of the busiest streets In Cairo. So, on that particular day, I jumped into it. The first half(four if not three lanes) was swift, and it was within the second half that I had my very own final destination moment. Subhanallah, I set foot and got through the first lane only for two cars to speed on each side of me with me in the middle. Imagine intense traffic and me standing firmly between two lanes on a crowded four, if not three lane streets in Cairo. I would say the space between the two speeding vehicles was enough for me and me alone. I also think, if I had moved for a fraction of an inch while I was in such a situation, I would either be no more or severely damaged.

Subhanallah, I got out of it only to say Alhamdulillah, and in my heart, I know Duha Prayer saved my life. Allahu Akbar.

So, I ask, has an act done for the sake of Allah SAVED you?

15 thoughts on “Salat Al-Duha Saved My Life”

    1. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen defined it as being from a quarter of an hour after the sun has risen until ten minutes before Zuhr prayer.
      And there is the opinion like stated in the first image which is 15 minutes after sunrise and 15 minute before duhr. And I personally go with the latter.
      I hope that answers your qn.

  1. I love you story, and I’m so glad you were safe that day! I personally love love both the Salat and Surah ad Duha, and keep reciting it to myself when I’m down. May Allah always keep your safe and under His protection. Ameen.

    1. Awww I’m glad you loved it. And I’m glad you have salat duha and the surah to aid you when you are down. May Allah grant you continous strength!!
      Allahumu Ameen to your duaa. &Me and you both sister.

  2. Wow! This gave me goosebumps and alhamdulilah you survived it. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  3. Subhan allah, what a reminder. Allah could send the angels to take our souls quicker than what we perceive as a mere second! Masha allah, this inspires me to be better in shaa Allah. May Allah keep us ever increasing in imaan and motivation to worship with the purest of intentions.

  4. Jazakillaah khair for the reminder. I am hoping to start praying satul duha its just I need to be consistant

    1. honestly, sister!! it starts one step at a time. Before I start a new good deed, I always test the water. First, I prayed once a week, then slowly twice a week, then four times a week, then 5 and so on and so forth. It all starts with the intention and I am confident Allah will make it easy for you.

    1. Lool people used to say, if you can drive safely in Egypt then you can drive just about anywhere. The traffic was insane and the cars drove closely to eachother. I always wondered how they did it. Alf mabroook to them and hopefully when good things fall into play, they can iron put their wrinkles.

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