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رسالة إلى عمر: A Letter to Omar

Dear Omar,

To start with, I hope you are in good health and the best of Imaan.

In reality, there are so many versions of what I am about to write, and for the most part, they all revolve around the fact that you Omar, remind me of a dear friend of mine. Years ago, in high school, I had a friend who was known for making everyone laugh. One day, I saw a different side of him; the side we all have in common. Surely, it takes pain to understand pain. Long story short, life took a run at me, and I shared my agony with him, and in return, I heard what I needed to hear, that I was going to be fine, eventually. But, I also heard what I didn’t sign up for; his plate of misery. Oh, my. My heart shattered. I couldn’t imagine someone that I knew and cared about experienced unspeakable horror. In those moments, I knew what had happened to me was nothing compared to him and countless others, but it still took me years to get over my own encounter. Having grown from it, all I can say is you can’t fully get over it, but you can learn to live with it. Not many people know this secret; even fewer succeed it.

In any case, I would like to share the following excerpt of what I wrote to my friend as your day arrived earlier than his.


So, the question remains? Why am I telling you all of this? Because somehow, I feel you may be able to relate.

Altogether, make of what I’ve written, what you want. And I wish you, Omar, swift and concrete freedom. May you live to discover and project the best version of yourself. May you continue to hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. May your sheer strength inspire others. May your beautiful character aid you against your enemies.

Cheers to your newfound freedom, however, limited it may be for now. Cheers to the amazing human beings in your life. Cheers to catching up on life. Cheers to what the future holds.

14 thoughts on “رسالة إلى عمر: A Letter to Omar”

  1. SubhanAllah, may Allah swt make it easy for you both Ameen. Allah swt does not burden a soul more than they can bear. When times are hard, I find solace in the story of Yaqoob (as) in Surah Yusuf where he says he only complains of his troubles to Allah swt. Easier said than done in most cases but it always seems to keep things in perspective for me.

  2. Allah tests us in many ways. The best of us are those who remain patient and steadfast and rely only on Allah. May we all be patient, steadfast and reliant only on Allah. Ameen.

  3. Subhan Allah- what a relevant topic! My heart breaks whenever I think of him. I hope he and the countless others tested like him feel special and worthy of Allahs tests. “God gives thee hardest battles to his toughest soldiers”- one of my favourite quotes.

  4. Totally relate to this sentence ‘you can’t fully get over it but you can learn to live with it’

    May Allah (swt) grant everyone who is going through trials sabr to deal with them.

    1. It really takes one to know one. And that is something I appreciate.
      Allahmu Ameen and May he equip them with the necessary strength to get through it. I ask Allah to bring them closer to him through it.

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