Word I Never Said

Two Weeks

I had the pleasure of temporarily working for the Govt of Alberta for the past couple of weeks.

Having studied Organizational Behavior, I look at workplace behavior and relations differently. At my last job, communication was poor mainly because my co-workers shared a strict ethnic background that I did not possess and they also shared common Baby Boomer values than modern Generation Y me. But that was okay because by default I don’t —–. My point is having joined this lovely team, I can’t help but applaud their hiring manager for choosing such lovely candidates and managing them efficiently, It was a pleasure and honor to be among them, even if my time was short-lived.

My intent for this post is to vent my chain of thought in the form of words I never said.

Here goes…

Candidate number one is the tech guy. Every company has one. You know, that guy that swoops right in when your computer temporarily fails you. Yup, that guy. In this case, that guy is the Voice of AE. This is the same guy who trained me. This is the same guy who I unzainabingly judged for a fraction of a second on a petty materialistic matter, and yet he remained outstanding. He was definitely one of the cool guys in the office, if not the coolest. And I only say that because, with my friendzoning past, my used-to-be acquaintances who happened to game and watch anime and game some more were pretty chill. Definitely chiller than guys who didn’t. So, I know to the bottom of my heart that he reeked of coolness. From this point forward, I can only hope the best for him, wherever he may be. Happy gaming, N. Happy early May 9th. And congrats on tying the knot, whenever that may be.

big gThe second runner up goes by the office name Big G. Don’t ask me why because I was unable to decipher the simple explanation that I was given. Haha, I wonder if he knows in Uganda, that the cheapest gum you can buy is called Big G and it is often used to chew with or after or before chewing Catha Edulis which is a leaf like drug and NO it’s not Marijuana. Nevertheless, Big G, I would say is a good human being and I truly can’t say that for many. And like the tech expert, I wish him success in all his affairs.

The third runner-up is an African brother in humanity who understands and appreciates the African struggle. Whether it’s different telecoms and their bundles and airtime hustles or nationwide shortage of basic rights like water and electricity. Not to mention, the health flights in circulation like Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Ebola. And we understand, it wasn’t all bad because we thankfully had nature on our side. So, when people say, it takes one to know one, this is what they mean. For all the non-Africa go-ers, best believe, Africa not only teaches life but how to live too.

The fourth runner up is my Afghani sister in Islam. Call me strange or weird, but I do this thing where I am able countdown how many people of a certain nationality that I know of. I believe she comes in fifth Afghani after my favorite Author, Mr. Khaled Hosseini, the former detainee Omar Khadr and an Edmonton Afghani couple, Lida, and Ebrahim who I had the honors of meeting and my lovely former and extremely helpful co-worker comes in fifth. Oh my, for the past two weeks, I don’t know what I would do without her apart from breath, of course. Cheers to lucky number five. And I pray Allah(God) blesses her for easing my affairs.

The fifth runner-up is a soon-to-be Psychiatric Nurse, in two years times, who might very well be the best PN Edmonton has to offer, one day. Who knows right? I wish her nothing but proficiency and the least amount of ‘medical liabilities.’

The sixth runner-up is my lovely supervisor, F who was nothing but kind and accommodating in all my work related affairs. For the longest time, I didn’t believe in saying words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ just because people toss them around without meaning. I can’t pinpoint when I had a change of heart with regards to re-adding these terms back into my vocabulary, Anyways, my point is, I can truthfully say, that I truly am thankful for her. God Bless.

The seventh runner-up is the other supervisors, J and this is someone who I’ve exchanged with once for a brief moment, and I wholeheartedly believe that he carries a heart of gold.

Okay. I’m done. VENT OVER!! I hope we can all sleep at night and wake up every morning without hate in our hearts for our co-workers.

Thank you for reading and have a spectacular weekend, yall!!!

UPDATE: Feedback from 2/7 individuals I wrote about and 2/3 individuals I shared it with is as follows: 

unnamed (1)unnamed

20 thoughts on “Two Weeks”

  1. In my experience being a part of a diverse workforce has its advantage. It can encorage team work, reinforce values and challenge the individual! Everyone wants to enjoy being at work after all most people spend more time ar work then home!

  2. I guess all these is common in any workplace. I am not working at the moment. But those times when I did,I pretty much experienced the same.

  3. I am a freelance writer so all I have is me, myself and I. Oh, yeah and my kinda slow yet helpful editor with whom I only communicate through emails. She is a sweetheart. Alhumdulilah. :)

  4. what a refreshing post- i wonder if your co-workers will get a chance to read this. It’s awesome encountering good people, it’s even more awesome when people acknowledge them :)

    1. I am a very words i never said orientated individual. I have written many words I never said. And I always wonder if the words I never said will reach these individuals. So, I don’t know. But I think I would like them too but I won’t go out of my way to make it happen.

    2. Hey. For curiosity purposes, can I state, that I was given the opportunity to work for them again and I got around to sharing it with some of them, so I updated this article with the responses I got back. Feel free to scroll down and check it out. :)

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