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My Masjid Dream


A few days ago, I came across this video

and I was WOW’d.

A dream of mine was awakened. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to build a Masjid. Sure, I may not have gone as far as to contemplating HOW or WHERE. But still, this was a dream of mine.

I remember scrollingMasjid down the Al-Najwa Village Donation Page to see the image on the right. I remember thinking, Subhanallah, if I had the means, that this would be an avenue in which my dream can be fulfilled. Subhanallah, this is a brilliant idea because I have a track record of giving up when it gets too hard. So, with this blessed affordable opportunity, imagine just providing the funds. I mean, I can imagine that donating funds is the easiest part of establishing a Masjid. Imagine how much-skilled labor would go towards such a project, Imagine all the sweat, tears and blood that goes into building a Masjid from scratch. Imagine provided the funds for building a mosque, imagine through your charitable donation, you will inshallah accumulate reward for providing a means for builders to build a mosque. And when the mosque is eventually established, imagine getting endless rewards for providing a means for fellow Muslims to worship our Creator. Subhanallah, is there a greater feeling than this? The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim]

Sure, to achieve building a Masjid at my tender age would look good with regards to my life accomplishments but no doubt it would lift my heart and bring me closer to Allah. And the permanent struggle would run in my veins in appreciation.

May Allah grant me success.

P.s If I ever build a Masjid, I would name it Masjid Al-Furqan because of the beautiful Ibad Ur Rahman attributes mentioned in Surah Al Furqan. And I think these are attributes any Muslim (should) pray and hope for.

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