Ramadan, Reflection

A 2013 Memory

Like pain, Imaan is measurable. I would have to say, as a Muslimah, the year I came back to Allah was filled, and the Ramadan that followed was by far the most fruitful.

An event that really stood out was the unleashing or awakening of my desire to help mine and your Ummah.

I came across our brothers Majid Freeman’s post on Facebook, and he had just come back from a Syrian Ramadan Convey and was M fundraising for Winter in Syria. I remember commenting, “I wish I could help” as I remember him replying something along the lines of, “if yourself cannot donate then share this with someone who can.” And the thing is, in my head, I had the means but no means of getting it to them. I had no Paypal, no Visa or any line of credit for that matter. So, I went to bed that night, and by the will of Allah, I woke up with a light bulb.

Allahu Akbar. Allah blessed me with an idea and stuck me to it. Despite, how long and how many times I gave up temporarily, the idea never died as I was not a feminist fighting for my own selfish benefit and recognition but rather I was ecstatic that Allah used me to help my brothers and sisters in Syria. Long story short, I asked anyone and everyone I could think of and by the will of Allah, many shut me down for numerous reasons, one of which was fear of a third world country’s government. I had a mosque which was strongly considering my proposal, but they bailed for reasons Allah knows.

Subhanallah, my heart shattered countless times. I never felt more bipolar in my life but every morning I would wake up, and my broken heart would be mended. Allah blessed me to keeping on going. Allah blessed me with patience, which is something I’ve always been lacking. Allah blessed by presenting multiple avenues when one door closed. Allahu Akbar.

Okay. So, this post is in appreciation of one of my first donors. A donor I barely knew. A donor who gave me the benefit of the doubt. A donor who understood my lack of experience and coached me through my donate-to-my-cause pitch. A donor who believed in me when little did. A donor whose donation molded my success. A donor who I will never forget. A donor who I am grateful for.

May Allah grant you the best in this life and the next.

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