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A Death within a Community Part 2

Lately, I’ve been slowing coming to term with the fact that death is all around us. Like I know that even as I type this right now, I am slowly growing closer to my death whenever that may be. Simultaneously, I’m slowly preparing for that. For instance, yesterday during Taraweeh an email I received by our mosque was broadcasted for greater good purposes. A brother died. He died in an Aviation collision. So, the imam informed us of his Janazah and also stated that his family would be hosting an Iftar dinner on his behalf. Subhanallah, I remember turning to my sister on our car ride home and telling her, “When I die you guys better have an Iftar dinner for me.” And I did it again today, so, I sold one of my university books to some Muslim guy who replied my ad on Kijiji and Mustafa was $5 over the amount we agreed on, so he asked me for change, and I didn’t have any. Anyways, at the end of it, Mustafa suggesting I could give it back whenever in the future. And I don’t know why I didn’t ask around for change because I hate nothing more than debt and today I got myself into debt. So, again, I came home and told my sister, if I die, remember that I owe Mustafa Ali $5. Get someone to unlock my phone or hack my email for his email or number.

I apologize for the above tangent; I just felt a need to express myself.

11201916_656916557776944_2043569427238500994_nOkay. Now back to brother Nabeel. From the news articles that I read, I was able to deduce that he had a student on board who also died and whose body remains unfound. Now try to imagine, two small planes collide, and by the Qadr of Allah, they both died and the other pilot of the other plane was able to land his plane and was able to run for safety without a scratch. No doubt it was their time to return to their Lord, and I ask Allah to what comes next easy for them.

And by the Qadr of Allah, I wasn’t able to attend his Janazah. As sad as not being able to perform that which I intended; I would say the next best thing is me being rewarded for my intention, whatever the reward might be.

Anyways, I just wanted to reflect on Br. Nabeel’s death in the hope that one day someone will reflect on mine.

So Inshallah, from this we can learn:

  • If we desire people to attend our Janazahs, then we should attend the Janazah’s of those who went before us in the hope that people who precede us will selflessly attend ours.
  • Religion is stronger than Culture. For example this brother was from Pakistan, I feel no doubt that Pakistani community will rise to this occasion(his janazah) when this is an Ummah occasion. I mean who at the very least wouldn’t want to kill two birds with one stone. The birds being: interceding for the deceased and getting the reward like the Mount of Uhud and the stone being attending the Janazah prayer.
  • Inshallah as we would rush to free halal food or in this case free Iftar, I would hope all those who attend his honorary Iftar rushed to his Janazah in a similar fashion.

Altogether, May Allah have mercy on those whose time came before ours.

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