JPay; Follow-up

I will start this post with: When should one draw the line with when to give back? This is something, I will let you decide.

So, I did as I wrote and this is what happened next. I received a message from the inmate I wrote about, and he replied as follows.

responseHaving gone through this, I know I did nothing wrong. But I could see how someone may argue that I inspired such behavior. Altogether, I know I was rather hasty and caught up in ‘the moment’ to give; to make a difference. Hence, I understand why he would write such a request. And I also know, next time I will be weary and cautious and less naive.


Words of a Ramadan Addict

When to draw the line with when to give back? This is something I hope to discover.

A few followings ago, the possibility of inmate blogging didn’t cross my mind and then The Stone City came along. I had the pleasure of them following me, after I wrote What I See in His Eyes with regards to a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who lost a little over 9 years of his life if I’m not mistaken, for a crime he didn’t commit.

A week ago, I came across a post by an inmate by the name of Jai’mar Scott. Long story short, he simply stated he was down to his last e-stamps seeing as e-stamps were probably the only means in which he voiced his voice, in this case through The Stone City Blog. So I saw this plea and I did what I always do. I placed myself…

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