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I am a “Words I Never Said” orientated type of person. And in all honesty, I think that best explains some of the recent postings on this blog. And I wonder, will the words I never said reach these intended for individuals; and do I want the words I never said to reach them?

Yesterday, for the first time, I shared them; I shared some of the words I never said. Moreover, with a complete stranger of my choosing which I felt had the capacity to see the bigger picture and simultaneously read in between the lines. Let’s just say, I chose wisely!! I don’t know when and how I became so good at reading people or adjusting to them or catering my speech for them. I want to think everyone does this in their own way. But I feel like, I AM DIFFERENT. I mean, I have never had the same conversation with two different people. Working in customer service, I see a lot of people. Alhamdulillah. And I have had the most dynamic conversations with random people. Like who does that? Call me talkative, but I call it a talent.

Sometime last week, Kamal El Mekki, had a Dawah Workshop here in Edmonton. And we all know Dawah is not strategic. It does not say ‘this’ or do ‘that’ and then ‘there you have a New Muslim.’ You have to appeal to the person, their values and connect with them. Somehow. I thought to myself, Subhanallah, I am able to connect with random Non-Muslims all the time. Now imagine if I used my skills to give Dawah. Imagine catering Dawah to them to fit them. Subhanallah, this God given talent would best be used for the sake of Allah. If only there were a Dawah training course that would draw me like a magnet.

May Allah grant me the time and commitment to learning how to call to Islam with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

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