Edmonton, Word I Never Said

I am Z

19/03/15 made History in my books. For the second time in my life, I heard my voice voiced. I was reminded of myself; Who I really am and what it took to become who I am today. So, without further ado, I introduce to you, myself, Zai-nab. And it was an honor to meet you.

[Readers please note:  I am a rather complex individual who ‘s not really an average definition of average. I’m not proposing, I am an alien or inhuman, although there was a time when I didn’t oppose either title. It’s just that, I am as normal as normal can be, but I am not your limited definition of normal. So, to sum up: YES, I’M DIFFERENT.]

Throughout life, we may meet few namesakes here and there and despite there being 365 days in a year, in this time of day, who really has time to shuffle through and recollect the birth dates of people who enter our lives only to exit. Regardless, I would like to point out that the rarest circumstance is coming across someone who projects your realistic mindset which -by the way- isn’t exactly appreciated by the general public because, of course, it is they who are ‘mere’ and we, well, we are not. So, either this individual is incredible or a psychopath. &Every bone in my body is inclined towards the first option, more so, without a grain of doubt.

3 years ago, I met a version of myself; the old version of me. I was in Egypt in 2012/13 doing some self-searching, discovering myself kind of thing. And all of a sudden, because I was a practicing Muslimah(Muslim Women), instantly, I was assigned to help a lost girl who was older than myself find her way in the hope of inspiring her and projecting some hope. Me and her being our stubborn selves decided to follow our own agendas. But eventually this small world brought us together and the more she spoke, the more I listened, I heard the familiar brokenness and depression that consumed me once before. The more she cried, I saw the tears that I never dared to shed. Her pain was once my pain. Her struggle ran through my veins. And our struggle had she known, made me, me.

3 years later, I met DB. And I heard the current ‘latest edition’ of myself. You, in fact, reminded me just how much of me I have suppressed lately. Regardless, I like where we are right now. &Frankly, I can’t help but wonder what I will be in three more years? Who will I evolve into then? I really pride myself on #ForeverChanging

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