I don’t know when I will post this, so bare in mind by ‘today’ I mean Jan 31, 2015.

Today, well today was a rough day. Probably the most difficult so far.

So, what you probably don’t know is, during my first stay in Misr(between 12-15), with my family, my uncle, AbdiSalam, lived with us. He was my mom’s brother. I don’t remember how old he was, but he was definitely a few years older than us. Technically, he was still our uncle, but he felt like an older brother.

Subhanallah, I remember how he was tied to his mosques and how he used to cry after hearing/reading the verses from the Quran that explains how the people of Jahannam would be treated? I.e  being tied in chains. 70 meters in length and thrown into hellfire, if I’m not mistaken. That’s just who he was.

Eventually, he left us after he memorized the Quran and cracked Arabic to return to the country he was a resident of, which in this case is the UK.

By the decree of Allah, he currently lies on a hospital bed, today, 6 years later. May Allah grant him Shifa.

It’s not clear what happened or even how it happened, but at some point, he was discovered in an alley horribly injured. He was already in a coma when they brought him into the hospital. Subhanallah, may Allah grant him Shifa.

Hours later according to a doctor on call, blood had already leaked into his brain. And other factors included, would give him a 50% chance of survival. My other uncle, Sultan, rushed to the hospital.

Now picture this, you’re in the UK, and other family members are in Canada, and the sole mean of communication is via phone. Naturally, my uncle Sultan would frequently call us to keep my mom updated. And my mom would put it on loud speaker so I would be too. 

Subhanallah, my uncle, Sultan has a son by the name of Ahmed. And my uncle was so traumatized to the extent where he looked at Abdisalam in his coma state and begged for his sons ‘Ahmed’ to open his eyes or to simply wake up. Wallahi seeing your brother in that state is not easy. Seeing your son in such an image is not any easier. May Allah grant his brother, my uncle, Shifa.

Ya Ummati, please don’t forget to make duaa for our sick Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah grant them a speedy recovery and may Allah give them permission to worship him once more.

اللهم امين!!

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