Dawah, Naseeha, Reflection


18 was a good year for me. It was the year, I turned back to Allah. I feel like it is the year, my parents duaas became a reality.

After years in the shaytan’s trap, suddenly my heart wasn’t inclined to sin, but rather the opposite. Soon, I realized the best rush was and is The Iman Rush. After leaving one sin for the sake of Allah, the Iman rush kicked in. I was unstoppable. Then a few days later, I quit music because I read “music and Quran cannot coexist in the heart of the believer” and I remember thinking ‘it’s either I am or not?’. And I know you’re probably thinking that you were perhaps worse than me because reaching such a decision shouldn’t be that easy, I mean, it can’t right? Well, to all of you, my addition was on another level. I fell asleep to it every night, I woke up to it every morning. I spent most my day listening to it, literally. And once I made my decision and committed to it, my Iman was at its peak.

Suddenly, sinning was no longer an option because it no longer crossed my mind. My Iman was sky high, and I never wanted such a feeling to go, and the thing about The Iman Rush is that the harder it is to give up a sin, the more self-rewarding it is. Allahu Akbar.

As sinning got harder, likewise, doing good got easier. I started praying all 5 prayers, 12 Sunnah prayers, and I became a Qiyam regular. How it happened to me is all in Allah decree.

I am sharing all of this with you, not to expose my sins or rub it in your face but so that you may relate to or learn from it. Who knows, it may even spark something for you.

I don’t know about you, but I am in the mood to give up one sin in particular for the sake of Allah. May Allah grants those of us who try to excel, strength.

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