When to draw the line with when to give back? This is something I hope to discover.

A few followings ago, the possibility of inmate blogging didn’t cross my mind and then The Stone City came along. I had the pleasure of them following me, after I wrote What I See in His Eyes with regards to a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who lost a little over 9 years of his life if I’m not mistaken, for a crime he didn’t commit.

A week ago, I came across a post by an inmate by the name of Jai’mar Scott. Long story short, he simply stated he was down to his last e-stamps seeing as e-stamps were probably the only means in which he voiced his voice, in this case through The Stone City Blog. So I saw this plea and I did what I always do. I placed myself in his shoes. I was Jai’mar! So, I thought to myself, ‘how about if it was me, behind bars for a crime that I committed years ago as a teen, for a crime I will serve most of my life for, if I live long enough. Yes, the world didn’t stop for me, then again I can’t afford these thoughts and undoubtedly there is so much they can possible do for me while I’m in here(i.e. spare $5), that they aren’t and I can’t blame them for that. I will probably get my next pay check probably in 3 weeks. And although I don’t like asking, this is all I have left. #NoPressure

A week ago, I was inclined to give and I have a habit of holding myself to my thoughts. For example: when donating, I always donate the last number that passes through my heart. Let’s say, initially, I wanted to donate $10 for a cause but $25 later comes to mind, then I won’t settle for anything but a 25. Today, I fulfilled my week-long intention.

So, this was my first time working with JPay and I didn’t know how to work it. So I searched him up and made a login and sent him 10 bucks to his spending account only to discover how to transfer e-stamps moments later. But that’s ok. If he really wants e-stamps, he will purchase them himself and if he doesn’t then he doesn’t.

Regardless, I don’t regret my decision. Sure, I am not ecstatic like when I’m fundraising/donating for/to Syria or Gaza. But this is a justifiable cause for today I may have made an individual $10 richer, $10 dollars better off.

Jai’mar Scott, This one is for you. From a Reader.



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    I will start this post with: When to draw the line with when to give back? And let you form an opinion on this.

    So, I did as I wrote and this is what happened next. I received a message from the inmate of my choosing and he wrote:

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