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Yesterday, I caught myself reminiscing about my 8 months of seeking knowledge in Egypt 2012/13 and my lovely Quran/Tajweed and Arabic teachers. And it hit me. Our teachers that teach Islam related topics don’t only ‘teach’ us but they preach how to live through the teachings that they teach. Allahu Akbar!!

Think about it. When is the last time you went to an Islamic Lecture? How often did the Lecture giver mention his/her teacher or the habits of his teacher? I can relate. Wallahi, as a student of knowledge, I can testify to this.


A few months ago, Saad Tasleem shared with us the above advice given to him by one of his dear teachers. The tweet translates to, ”Half the answer is understanding the question.” or/and vice versa. Subhanallah. What grave advice? These four words, this single piece of sincere advice, I believe can dictate most aspects in anyone’s life for the better. I see the key to patience in these four words. I have no doubt it my mind, that this Naseeha(Advice) aided him.

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Abu Eesa’s Lecture and he mentioned his teachers quite a few times. Likewise, for Sheikh Navaid Aziz, Sheikh Abdul Wahab Saleem and even my dad amongst many more gems that walk this Dunya.

Subhanallah, in all the 12 years of school, we come out with bare minimum advice that we can barely live by but Islamically, spending some time learning from your Ustadh/Ustadha(teachers), you can form and construct your own Islamic identity and learn how to live. Some people may need a life coach at times but if you’re studying Islam, I highly recommend you consult your Ustadh/Ustadha. You must be thinking, WHY? Think of it like this, the fact that they’re teaching is most probably not for the pay, it’s not for their own selfish desire, it’s not because they are forced to but rather it is the life they have chosen for themselves. The Prophet once said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” So essentially, the best people advise the best people with the best advice. And you know what it is certainly not, an easy life. Seeking Ilm is Jihad. And Seeking Ilm never ends. And the Shaytan will attack you one way or another. Every day will present a struggle regardless of the magnitude. He will never give up as you should too. And if you’re sincere Allah will present to you a way through Inshallah. There is no doubt in my mind that these beautiful Human Beings are blessed for whoever seeks such a path desires Allah Love and Mercy. When they speak, all I hear is wisdom. When they listen, all I see is patience. The more they acquire, the more they practice, the more they practice what they preach. Allahu Akbar.

May Allah forgive their short comings. May Allah continue to guide them. May Allah Protect and Preserve them.

On a personal note, I discovered my Islamic identity as a Muslimah through my fisabilillah teachers and pupils for we shared a common struggle and goal. One of my beloved teachers, taught me how to love for the sake of Allah by declaring her fisabilillah love to me. Another beloved teacher taught me how to give Naseeha. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was in a class of -lets say- 15 students and she asked us all how would we like someone to give us Advice. She gave us two options, a person who greets us and compliments us and then gives us advice or someone who gets straight to them point. Everyone but me choose the first option because I ‘thought’ I appreciated bluntness at the time. A valuable lesson can be learnt from them.






One link that benefited me is, Etiquettes of a Student of Knowledge. May it benefit you as well.

8 thoughts on “أساتذة”

  1. Theres a huge reward in the eyes of Allah for those who seek out knowledge and especially those that teach. Also one should always reapect their teachers Muslim or non-Muslim. Really enjoyed reading this post :)

  2. Seeking knowledge is indeed a key to personal growth and development. It boosts spirituality, personality and beneficial relationships as you mentioned. May we be among those who take lessons form what we learn and get counted among the true seekers of knowledge.

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