Dawah, Edmonton, Stranger

The Stranger

By the will of Allah, I was able to attend my third Al Maghrib Seminar today. And I say “was able” because I am still alive and breathing. And I say “alive and breathing” due to the high volume of deaths this week alone in the City of Edmonton.

So before I slumber tonight and my soul depart my body for the I-do-know how many # of times, I thought to share my thoughts.

Al Maghrib today was amazing. Initially, I had no intent to go to the full course because next week at University I have quizzes worth around 25% of my final grade lined up and this course is 9am-6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The thing about me is I depend on daylight for many things including studying. When the sun goes down, I shut down due to lack of motivation. During #FreeFriday he said, what can you possibly be doing then taking this course? This really struck me because towards the beginning of the course I had difficulties with my intention and I went from that to actually absorbing what possibly better thing would best consume my time? Certainly not studying for this Dunya test.

Overall, today was good day, with regards my decision and the three individuals who accepted Islam in our presence in the picture above. Although the Seminar hasn’t officially begun, I believe my attendance is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made for the sake of Allah with regards to My Dunya vs. Akhirah Balance and I will patiently wait Allah’s reward.

So this post isn’t about my day. Ok. Well it is. But not Al Maghrib. It’s about what happened afterwards.

So we took the train to the closest train station to the place we called home from the University. As we awaited our ride, we piled up towards the entrance. I noticed a man engaged a possible Dawah dialogue with an individual. Subhanallah, I know eavesdrop isn’t a good habit but when we asked, if we could record his interaction before our ride magically appeared, he replied in the affirmative. So this man, I want to say ‘brother’ but I will refrain from doing so because I know not. He gave Dawah without declaring Islam as his religion or saying he was a Muslim. And this may very well be okay because I can see how many people wouldn’t listen to a Muslim knowing he or she is Muslim. So technically, it wouldn’t be lying but it would be withholding the truth temporarily.

From what I heard, it seemed like he was using the famous GORAP method presented by IERA. I recall asking him, if he was Muslim after we asked if we asked if we could record it. And he bursted out into laughter and instantly, the individually he was engaged with ‘suddenly’ wanted to go.

Subhanallah, the suspense killed. Everything he said was solid but nothing was confirmed. And what’s worse is I may have destroyed his plan, by asking if he was Muslim perhaps? If he was indeed preaching Dawah; for that, I am sorry because I had no right. Oh how I wish, I didn’t disrupt his plan and his audience potential guidance. Regardless, it was Qadr. So if he was indeed Muslim, May Allah increase him and if he wasn’t, then may Allah guide him.

But why did he laugh out loud literally? Why couldn’t I control myself or my wording at the very least? Did he laugh because he thought I was some stupid girl labeling him from a religion he isn’t from or did he laugh to loosen the tension in his audience?
That Idk.
As small as Edmonton is, as much as I’ve seen many mere clientele that I’ve met once outside work once or twice if never or more all in the most random circumstances, I doubt we will cross paths. I doubt my question will ever be answered. And after venting that tiny fact, I am more content than i was earlier.
Lastly, I would like to remind you all about the Importance of Dawah. There is no denying that unguided individuals in our lives will point the finger at us on the Day of Judgements. So Inshallah, let try to give Dawah with good manners and wisdom and beautiful speech. Let’s add a Dawah component, to our every action. And need I remind you, Dawah is to All; Muslim or Non-Muslim. Let’s hold ourselves accountable before we are held accountable.

May Allah make us successful.

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