Word I Never Said

On The 5th day…

On the 5th day of Tahajuud, I had the pleasure of standing next to a Palestinian. I say that, not because she confirmed she was but because when we were in Qunut she would loudly say her Ameen’s as the Imam made collective Duaa for Palestine.

As a newbie in the Arabic language, I invest myself in understanding rather than recalling what was said, but sometimes, words/sentences just strike me and the vice versa happens. One part I can’t seem to forget is “اللهم ثبت أقدامهم“. Subhanallah, this lady would say Ameen loudly throughout the Dua Al-Qanut. At the end of the Qanut, she repeatedly said in a low voice: one of the two, “اللهم يرحم ” meaning “O Allah, have mercy on him” or “اللهم  يرحمهم” meaning “O Allah, have mercy on them”. In short, she lost someone, I can’t specify whether it’s singular or plural. Mainly, because I didn’t have the courage to approach her and tell her, “لا تحزن إن الله معنا” and Inshallah he/they is/are a Martyr/s. In my head, I could have reassured her, the Ummah, this Ummah is making Duaa for the people of Gaza tirelessly. Maybe that would have brought her the slightest bit of ease? But, at the end of the morning, I couldn’t muster the courage to approach nor do I consider myself good at comforting someone in tears. I figured the best I could possibly do for her is to make Dua for her, and her loved ones, my brothers and sisters in every single makan(place). 
And I urge you guys to do so too. Their pain is real. We are one Ummah. Their pain should be our pain too,
May Allah grant the people of Palestine, ease. May he reunite us with our lost one in the one and only blissful eternity.

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