Ramadan, Reflection

Eid Day: Enjoying Good and Forbidding Evil.

Human mentality puzzles me. How can we expect to be rewarded without knowing the beauty that lies behind our many acts of worship? How do we expect to be rewarded when our sole intent is to exit the month of Ramadan to resume sinning? This apparent ignorance is disastrous. In this time of day, ignorance prevails for it is promoted by the society. I blame YOLO; and its idiot followers.

Eid is not a time to sin. One the day, that Allah has prescribed for Muslims to celebrate as a way of honoring and rewarding them for showing obedience to submitting to his ordinance do mere humans decide to sin?

Why? Why? Why? Must we allow the shaytan to rejoice due to our numerous sinful acts? Enjoying good and forbidding evil is a trial of its own, nowadays. With corruption down every lane waiting to project itself into our lives through numerous doors, and yet only seeking help from Allah and engaging in acts of worship is our only protection.

I’ve seen people quit whatever it is they used to watch, obviously sinful only to press play on Eid. I’ve seen people sensor what they watch to only clean. I’ve seen people who’ve never prayed a day in their life apart from in Ramadan and Eid, never miss a Taraweeh prayer. I’ve seen people who’ve never wore a hijab a day in their life apart from in Ramadan. I’ve seen Muslims pray for an end to Ramadan disregarding it enormous blessing. I’ve seen people plot haram plans for Eid as if Ramadan alone is a setback disregarding that we are advised to embark on innocent legally lawful fun.

I myself am some of the above. I’ve engaged in my share of Islamic incorrect acts but the grace of Allah my wrongs are apparent and evident to me as they are to the elderly watching over me. I want to change but the ‘but factor’ is holding me back. I pray Allah guides me to the straight path and inshallah I’ll never go back to my old ignorant ways. I pray that Allah makes the best of my deeds the last of my deeds. I pray for a good death. Simultaneously, I wish for my brothers and sisters what I wish for myself. May Allah accept our duaa’s.

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