Why Must We Speak Ill of The Dead?

:Even at death, we give them no peace?

My heart aches for people continue to engage in speech about the dead ill-manneredly. He had sihr(magic/sorcery/witchcraft) in his voicehence very addictive speaker they say; he was a terrorist they say; he recruited those who listened to his way they say; he had relations with prostitutes they say. All in all, not only did they slander and smear his name but his image too.

But how much of what we hear is true? A wise man*Benjamin Franklin *once said, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”. So I ask, what have we seen? Nothing but seemingly accusations roll off our tongues at the same rate we ingest them. The media is not to be trusted; not now, not ever for they have already picked a viewpoint to announce to the world.

I’ve come to know this man through audio and through something so restricted, I acquired something so heavy, compact knowledge. As my brother in Islam, I pray, Allah forgive this man for all his sins and has mercy on him and emits him into paradise; his son and him, for the unjust world took it upon itself to murder his 16 year old son too. I pray Allah makes it easy on his family for the world has robbed them.

I pray people benefit from his lectures and share the knowledge they inherited from him in hope of being rewarded. One of the beauties in Islam is the act of disturbing knowledge; we as Muslims are advised to share that which has benefitted us for it might benefit others and by the grace of Allah we will rewarded, for we are rewarded for those who’ve shared what we shared.

I remember coming across, “the most successful people in life are the peoples whose sins die with him”. Islamically, I wouldn’t dream of anything greater. I sincerely hope he is the above. I hope we Muslims strive, so we can be of the above. I sincerely hope, he planted seeds in this dunyaworld that will inshallah bloom to pave a better hereafter for him. Just like smearing him will benefit him in the next life, for he will have gained rewards from the people who oppressed him seeing as they will be forfeiting what they worked for to him; for Allah is the Most Just.

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