A Blast From The Past

I wasn’t always like this. Well, in all honestly it depends what like this was. In this case Imanfaith wise. I, like every other practicing Muslim, have had my share of high and lows. Realistically, it was all downward for me until I hit a peak only to crumble and till this very day I am trying to climb my way up the Iman ladder.

It has been narrated that, “Allah loves those he tests”  but little did I know. So I was tested; a calamity struck me and I hadn’t absorbed through trials and tribulations does Allah constructs roads for us to come back to him. For years, I was depressed to an extent where ‘why me’ consumed me; alongside why not others? I’m guessing in such a hopeless state my parents didn’t give up on me. So they constantly made dua that Allah would guide me. Nearly two years later, suddenly the answer befell me. Although I don’t quiet remember the exact answer. But I remember understanding why I was inflicted with that calamity. This, islamically, for someone of my young age was and I think is an amazing turning point; although I could have been doing so much more.

One video that really spoke to me and found a place in my heart and mind is as below. And I hope it helps you like it constantly proves to help me. A lasting Reminder.

for those who are curious as to how the story ends. i’d sum up to say, yes he was told not to speak to him in fear that he’d be bewitched. So upon arriving, he gave the Prophet a plate of fruits and water and immediately did the Prophet(peace be upon him) say, Bismillah meaning In the Name of Allah before he ate. At that moment, was the slave shocked and asked “Where did you get this from?” and the Prophet(peace be upon him) replied, “I am on the guidance of my creator, who has sent me as a messenger to humanity”. And he asked the man “where are you from?” and the man replied and the Prophet(peace be upon him) said, “You are from the home of my brother in Prophet hood Jonah/Yunus. I have been sent from the same God as Jonah, with the same message as Jonah which is to worship the true God of all that exists and obey him and serve him, and do not disobey him in this life and you will have peace in this life and in the next life”. Subhanallah the man fell down in front of the prophet and took the Shahada(I bear witness that nothing has the right to be worshipped but Allah and I bear witness that you Muhammed are the slave and messenger of Allah). At this time, the Angels Gabriel/Jibril came with the angel of the mountains, and said,  “Allah has heard your duaa(supplication)” and the angel of the mountains says to the Messenger of Allah, “Just give me the word, oh Muhammed and I will take the two mountains that surround the city and I will cause them to come together and crush all of these people for what they have done to you”. And the best of mankind, our Prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him) replies, “NO! I don’t wish to destroy them because if one of them says I bear witness that there is only one god worthy of worship then leaving them will be worth it”

Thank you for bearing with me through the story telling, I simply dislike when stories are left untold. Anyways back on track..where was i?

Immediately I started praying for the first time in full in my life. Immediately Allah was in my life. Immediately I was more than willing to give up any bad habit for the sake of Allah in hope that he would reward me. Immediately I completed my Islamic obligations and voluntary acts where next on the list. Immediately did I fall in love with fasting to the extent I wanted to fast up to 5 days a week to make up for all those months I faked, all those month I simply starved myself for fasting is nothing without the five daily prayers. I fasted 3+ days a week excitedly for whoever fast 3 days a month is rewarded equivalently to whoever has fasted an entire month. So I fell in love with Islam and its many perks.

One unforgettable day, I view as nothing short of a blessing and a reward is the day I’d say Allah allowed me to forget I was fasting for I have never done so, the day Allah planned for me to intake chocolate, a beloved treat. One day. I was sitted in the library at school. And my chocolate buddy, a fellow with mutual addiction handed me some chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. And I love chocolate but I dislike taking things from others especially the loved even if it chocolate. So naturally my first instinct was to hesitate as I weighed the pros and cons in my head. And to be honest on that day, hunger really hadn’t hit me. Anyways, I accepted only to reject the second offer. I recalled two hours later while in the company of the same individual that I was fasting. Surprisingly, I found myself beaming for Allah has blessed me to forgot that I was fasting with something as delectable as chocolate.

I felt on top of the world.

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