A Different Day. A Different Mosque. The Perspective: Strive in the Way of Your Lord.

Written on the 13th day of Ramadan.

12 days and inshAllah on-going and I am head over heels in love with taraweehlengthy Ramadan night prayer. Note this is my first time praying this prayer in full. And from day one –well two- I have been on a mission. Still am.

So we live like a 25minutes drive from the main mosques. Since the one which is walking distance from the place I call home is really small, hence, unsuitable for taraweeh. I don’t know, I feel like the more the people the more taraweeh’er it feels like, if you know what I mean?

So 9 out of 12 days, I prayed at Gadhafi National Mosque, well now knows as Uganda National Mosque. It is only natural to assume this mosque is somehow linked to the former Libyan President Gadhafi. I heard upon his death, the Libyan government insisted upon changing the mosque’s name. and they also stopped sending imams. It should be noted this mosque is the only Arab styled mosque in Uganda. And it can hold up to approximately 15,000 worshipers.

Tawhid mosque, on the other hand is smaller, and a local Somali mosque. At this very mosque, I preformed taraweeh today for the third time. This mosque is very different from Gadhafi mosque. Personally I prefer it more.

Yes, we are all Muslims but sometime Muslims have different if not no almknowledge at all. At Gadhafi Mosque, Islamic knowledge is not a priority. Yes, people come to a mosque ’just to pray’ but we must all take our deen(religion) seriously, and follow the shart(conditions) and rukn(pillars)of prayer vigorously.

Most of the goers to this mosque are simply ashab al Ramadan or jummahfriends of Ramadan or friends of the Friday prayer. This statement literally means they worship this months or Fridays if not both. In this month or on any typical Friday do they engage in worship. On any average day, the congregational morning prayer consist of at the most 5 men. While at Tawhid Mosque, the goers are composed of people who are firmly consistent with their religion. And approximately half the mosque is filled during the morning congregation prayer on any average day. I suspect Gadhafi Mosque will never witness this. And the women at taraweeh are covered from head to toe like one should be when establishing prayer to their creator, like I literally saw no one’s bare naked feet or necks. Whereas, in Gadhafi everyone is dressed however they please. Its screams ‘come naked if you please’. I don’t want to be harsh but I question the sanity of the ones who wear small hijab and there entire necks/chests are exposed. I have seen people pray in miniskirts. Like do they seriously expect their prayers to be accepted? May Allah guide them from ignorance. &May Allah protect me from the dangers of assumptions.

Anyways, despite my confused supposed semi hatred towards the Somali culture; today it hit me, how much I really respect them for they are the only nationality with the highest percentage that I’ve seen who are firm and consistent with their religion. I think I’d rather pray with them for the imams are excellent in tajweedcorrect pronunciation of the Quran. and I am still maintaining my khushuundivided concentration during prayers and the environment is blissful for we share mutual grounds; There is no God but Allah and By Allah we will strive in the way of our lord unconditionally.

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