A Struggle: A Dream of Going Unnoticed

I want go unseen to the general public for reasons which i cant quite place my finger on.

It hurts me when religious beings go out of their way to avoid me, for i am a burden. It hurts me when they cant because I am having unavoidable transactions with them. Why must I be a burden? Why must I make their worldly test harder for them?

Often a Niqab feels like the reasonable solution but neither the timing nor my intention is right momentarily.

Alhamdullah/MashAllah my mom is probably the most kind, the most helpful, the most generous being i’ve ever seen. May Allah reward her infinitely, for people come and go in this house as if they are one of us. We live to shelter. Hence, i am always hijabbed. So basically i cant always be Niqaabed in my own home; Well, that’s just too much.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

May Allah Guide Me!! May Allah Guide The Masses for everyone has their own Jihadstruggle to attend to.

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