Facebook Destroys What? Marriages!!

Common sense where are you when I need you the most?

It is no secret that in this time of day, Facebook destroys marriages. Two-thirds of the lawyers surveyed said that Facebook was the “primary source” of evidence in divorce proceedings, while MySpace with 15% and Twitter with 5% lagged far behind. And photographs harvested from social networking sites – including those posted by friends or colleagues on their own pages – are a particularly rich source of damning evidence, according to divorce lawyers.

I’m not saying Facebook is dating site of any sort or that it’s solely a means of communication with the opposite sex about inappropriate manners. Like it or not but complications will arise when one is officially ‘taken’. For men, it’s more than likely to be flooded by the female population who never once noticed you in a certain light. For women, let’s just say ‘men love what they can’t have’. Guys, this is jihad. For those who do not know what jihad means, its struggle.

I seriously do not understand how one can post all these pictures of oneself and still claim to love/respect their spouse, when everyday preys walk the web 25/8. I do not understand how one can sit and type behind the screen for hours and not expect ones spouse to get suspicious. Facebook is a market; a market in which people advertise themselves. What has happened to the innocent moral code?

Yes, Islam allows you four. But let’s face it nowadays, patience of being one of four if not three or two is close to null. So after knowing this tiny fact why do we persist? Why do we provoke the opposite sex? God knows where a simple hello can lead to.

It looks like we humans will never be content with what we have.

One may argue that Facebook is ‘news today’; Through it we learn things we never thought we would, like where else will we find out what’s happening in so and so life despite them not being in your life anymore. I mean why would you want to stay acquainted with someone that ’was’ when you have someone who ‘is’; not to mention right in front of you.

Idk. I just feel islamically, or any religion for that matter, if you want your marriage to be successful  Facebook is a big fat NO!! And if you’re using and then clearly your marriage doesn’t mean much to you.

We single beings too fall as victims to internet crimes but this affects us solely, hence. the damage is limited. I feel when you have someone in your life; they’ll be part of the equation, and what affects you affect them too. So why invest endless minutes to something that’s most probably going to lead to endless feuds, aggressiveness, wastage of time, surprising hatred, broken tolerance, hidden lust, new-found fantasy and etc.

What I am trying to voice is…Facebook is pointless. Personally I use it coz I’m bored with my life. But it is pointless and the disadvantages outweigh the advantages in the married life sect. So I urge married people, to stay away before they fall prey to supposed innocent facebookers who just want to rekindle what they once had, a mere boy-girl friendship.

May we stop being naive. May we bring robbing ourselves to an end.

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