To The Man Who Leads Us in Prayer

msqI would like to state two things. Number one being this post solely involves the taraweeh imam of what was once Gadhafi National Mosque and what now is known as Uganda National Mosque, Uganda. And number two being my love for amazing voices.

For those who do not know, taraweeh is a night prayer preformed every night of the month of Ramadan. Our goal being to finish the entire Quran. 30 chapter in one month. Hence, a chapter a day. I read somewhere that Taraweeh literally means ”refreshments” and this goes with the purpose for which this prayer is performed at the night of Ramadan, as it “refreshes” the Muslim’s soul.

The prophet pbuh said, “Whoever establishes prayer during (the night of) Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, the all his previous sins will be forgiven.”

After coming across the above, I was sold. Despite never praying all 11 rakat equivalent to nearly 2hours of standing if not more I was sold!! I need Allah to reward me just like I need Allah to forgive me. For I cannot find the two elsewhere. I have spent majority of my life sinning, whether it was openly or privately both without purpose, so I thought to myself why not suck up those lengthy hours, find a good mosque, a sheikh with an amazing voice, and inshallah your heart may unharden.

God bless the man that leads us in prayer. He contributes to my Ramadan like he has contributes to other peoples Ramadan. May Allah protect him from my eye along with other people eye.

Number Two!!

Upon quitting music, I needed to find tranquility elsewhere. To my surprise, I found in it quranic recitation. In one day, I went from a music fanatic, waking up, sleeping, and spending my entire day listening to music to someone entirely uninterested and had nothing but utter loathe for it; talk about total mystery. I found it surprisingly easy to live without something I once that I’d never part.

Anyways, I went from sheikh to sheikh to find that amazing voice that soothed my ever-broken heart. And shortly BAM I fell in love. I fell in love. What’s more is not only did I fall in love with the soothing voices but with the Quran itself. After forfeiting months of life to learning Arabic, i finally see the linguistic beauty behind Allah’s verses.

THE END!! I hope you are having a fabulous Ramadan whoever you are, where ever you are.

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