Knowledge is -what they call- POWER!!

Knowledge is power. Often do we come across those exact words? Slathered all over our schools, universities, institutes and etc. Two years ago, those words were equivalent to meaningless to me. Well, the ignorant version of myself.

I went to Egypt in October 2012 as a 19year old and I came back a 20-year-old. Despite the digit change, growing older had its perks. I was on my own. Kinda. For the first time. Hence, it was nothing short of an amazing experience.

One thing I learnt is strive for no one will strive for you. I learnt things about Islam I never knew existed. And I was taking baby steps as a student of knowledge. By the grace of Allah, I got some Arabic into my vocabulary. Only then did the pieces of the bigger puzzle begin to come together. An amazing feeling I tell you. I went from depending on Islamic knowledge from my dadstill a student of knowledge. May Allah continue to bless him, and others ‘supposed’ knowledgeable figures myself included. I see now what people mean by KNOW YOUR DEEN. One can easily step into your life and insert a false creed and you are down a path you never saw coming. Thank God i was never a victim of the above.

All in all, I am glad; Glad I advanced mentally as a human being; Glad that I am no longer depending on others for ‘how to do what’ type of questions; Glad I have an untouchable excuse to seek knowledge.

So I will sit back and read my heart out, and attempt to understand, and ask infinite number of questions from no other than the trusted till I’ve wrapped my head around whatever so.

May we all attempt to better ourselves by acquiring knowledge. For behind those doors lies a reason to live, to breathe. For without it we may never enter a blissful eternity.

May Allah guide us to the straight path. May we donate the knowledge we’ve acquired to the less fortunate, for this is an act of charity.

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