Ramadan Checklist

This Ramadan I will attempt and inshallah succeed in ALL the following. And inshallah when this beautiful month comes to an end I will try to justly hold myself accountable.

  •          Pray all prayers on time

  •          Pray all voluntary prayers

  •          Read remembrance Azkars after all prayers

  •          Read morning and evening remembrance every day

  •          Read daily remembrance every day

–          Constantly check my intention

–          Improving my Tawheed

–          Live, breath, sleep Subhnallah, Alhamdullah, and Allahuakbar

–          Read Quran daily

–          Read translation of the Quran every day

–          Go to Tarweeh every day

–          Refrain from remote backbiting and listening in on gossip

–          Hold my tongue to the fullest

–          Leave all matters that do not concern me

–          Speak less, remain silent more

Increase in knowledge.

–          Complete Usuul Thalatha by Sheik Muhammed bin Abdulwahab

–          Complete Fiqh AlMuyassru minal Quran wa Sunnah

–          Complete the Sharh of 40 Hadith of Imam an-Nawawî

–          Implement Riyadh al-Saliheen

–          Roughly understand well known Scholars of Islam



Pray for me.

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